When you breathe in this ritualistically
Fantasy induced world
Filled with nothing but sunlight
And sunlight is nothing to the eyes that no longer see beyond blue
In a world where our God has created the skies because he could not shed a single tear for us
So he forces the atmosphere to reproduce its sorrows in an eternal labor of sadness
Remember that the damned are still burning from the fucked up things that we all continue to do
Entertain the thought of breathing again
You will find the absorption of oxygen is a high that can never be bought or sold
When your mind is free enough to soar uncontrollably
Past the state of a waterfall or a mountain
Past the direction of up or down
Past the wisdom of yes or no
You will see like others before
That freedom is the best damn gift any living soul can have

Contracting Apathy

At the tip
Of every needle
You will find your every need and desire
Another reason to live, that is until you meet
The clever Angel of Disease
In a mutated form of HIV
A powerful mutation
Where users are now contracting
Siphoning emotions
Turning its wielders into zombies
A new epidemic
To which we'll never find a cure
Beware, mental retardation is now easy to procure
God blessed that trocar with love
For he loves his sick children
Bestowed within the reaper
The power to steal our sentiment
Deadlier than AIDS
Widespread like the flu
Users becoming insurgent
Parading the streets as ghouls
Who knows what's going to happen when panacea is impossible to find
After the veins been slashed and scarred over a thousand times

Broken Into So Many Pieces

She starved herself of youth
With so many days spent locked away
The sun will never shine
Upon her miserable ashen face

Why is she doing this?
When next will she eat?
Her bones beneath the cold veil of flesh are hungering for meat

She will transcend from this alter of air
Only pleased once she starts shedding hair
Too indolent to pick up a knife
Eternal Ramadan
She'll starve in the afterlife

She had given up religion
God is too inferior
He hath given her this image
To spit at in the mirror
Her visage
A grimace
You're the one who fucked her up
You broke her into so many frail pieces
To never be put back together
You can say that she's used to being broken
She only has herself to hate
Her fragments drift apart like evershifting tectonic plates

Watch her grow weary for an eternity...

Feral Hate

Laughing with his friends amongst kindred juveniles on a
stretched out road that they have been traveling for miles
Beyond the boundaries of home these teenagers dare roam
And into the forests arms, where they will receive so much warmth
At the heart of the woods they find a stray dog
Gagging and writhing and spitting out blood
From its jaws appear to be teeming an ancient disease
A viscous host infested with rabies
Idiot kids who don't even know the better
Approaching this beast unaware it's a fucking monster
Blonde hair, blue eyes-what do you expect
First to get bitten
And now the disease it sets
The sun sets
And they're all lost
"What's wrong?"
Young boy cries
"Your brother?"
"He's gone!"
Primal instinct begets that he rips the limbs from his younger sibling
Feral hate foreign to them
They run for their lives across the forest
And as the strain of rabies advances rapidly
The boy hunts them all in a wolf-trained frenzy
Can you hide from someone who has gone beyond crazy?
This wild chase has turned into a bloodbath sanguinary
Flesh-shredding going beyond anything ordinary
Young man imbued with strength seemingly imaginary
Wrath can't even describe how badly he's possessed
It's as if he's been taken over by a vengeful spirit of death
Their screams fall silent amongst the trees are no sound
If only these children of God prayed before entering these hallowed grounds...
They'd probably still not be around


The soul
It is alive
It grows from deep inside
It is held captivated
Fueled by the mind
But what happens when
Your mind
Has deteriorated
To the point of insanity
With paranoia
Lives a new found kind of hate
One that is born internally
What eats at the soul
Enjoys the suffering of others
In a paradoxical world
Violence suits you better
There is no return
You can only dwell within
Become comfortable inside this sickness
Called insanity
Behind my eyes
Deep behind...
There is a world
Of mental emptiness
To others they see death
I see what you call
It's within fingers length
Yet trapped inside
A realm of...
No sight
No sound
Above and all around
The dark
The shadows
Behind you they surround


Imagine a world
Where silence is sound
The echoing of nothingness
Clamoring in the back of your skull

Where thoughts are words
Once silent
Now able to be heard

Are you ready to show the face that hides
Comfortably beneath skin?
Is that too much
For you to take in?

Imagine where a breath
Was a whisper
Would you be willing to listen
To those too frustrated to speak?
Has your ignorance deafened your ability to perceive

The world through more than just a lens?

If you listen closely
We may be hearing voices
That don't actually talk
They assume we understand the language of the dead
Their whispers somehow find their way to our heads

Imagine a world
Where there is no more privacy
The mental barriers that existed
Have been destroyed
Secrets once considered safe
Are now probed so easily

Defend yourself from the intruder's hand
He slips into your mind
Then takes what he can find
And vanishes without a trace


There are no words to speak
Only expressions to be understood
There are no syllables
Or vowels
That speak from mouths that wish they could
The are no versions of dialects
Just a single language
We're left with gestures that can only reflect
What the mute left on their tongues
There are no words for us to speak
The mouth is no longer needed
Our gratitude has reached its peak
We shall use that verbal crutch when we need it
Yet there's a secret that only I keep
I will show you just how much you mean
From now on its predictable
My every breath will be for you
Thank you for giving me a reason
To forever remain mute

Lucid Living

To be awake
Is like dreaming
With your eyes
Wide open
Is like the control
Of your
Sleeping movements
Is the product
Of the dreams
We produce
Why is it that life
Seems so
Artificially induced?
To be awake
Is like dreaming
And not knowing
You're asleep
Is having control
Over visions
We call dreams
Is a cypher
And to solve it
We must sleep
When will we
Seize command
Over the direction
Our lives lead?

Supernatural Bond (Symbiote)

We're like a symbiote
Two souls coexisting
Feeding off each other
One replenished
The other depleting
We have a supernatural bond
Somehow I exist from you
Alive when you're dead
A mechanism of life
Functioning without a clue
Can you describe to me in simple words
What exactly it is we share
Sorcery or science?
How can the world be unaware
Of our suffering
Speaking from one voice
Separated from two
Existing in a mind
That is running out of room
One must best the other
Even inevitability encounters fate
Ask yourself
Or ask two:
Who will dominate?

Obsessive, Compulsive

I have tried so hard to study you
With you
I'm obsessed with your every move
In me lies
This compulsive mind
Where I feel the need to stalk your life
I can't help it
No matter how hard I try
At least that's what I tell myself to believe such a lie
Who will win this war?
Will you be dead or remain alive?
I can only pray
For when the time will soon arrive
That I'll slip into your house-
Oh what a sick man I've become
While you are asleep
Is when the hell-spawn shall come
You are but a silent victim
Orchestrated into my plan
This chorus is twisted
It sings of your heart in my hands
The blood is but the details
Of a mans fucked up crime
You are the result
Of an obsessive, compulsive mind


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