Justice Is Swift

It will take some trying. Getting used to the stakes. Leapers need not apply.
Never ask why. Why on earth is there a dome. Need not be grown. Why on smoky
Mountain everything is grounded to impress the squirrels. Wide enough to light a spark. It is out of my comfort zone. This will be very deflating for you. Act out of range. I ran around the block to see my limits then I grimace. It is not an act to extort. It took its time. It is not in range. I will eventually go higher. More the wiser. It is better than tiring. A soft yellow needs to turn inward. Brought up to stalk. No one the miser. I am out of reach even that can be breached. Hard to get a hold of. Moments with a dove the more I love. It never happens in Mexico. Let it go. Harder to behold. You work alright with champions. I stand corrected. Don’t act surprised. Write your name in the sky. Why I have chosen the new moon. Not to be scattered downwind. Made out of tin. Wrestle for it. Need not be saved. Never shaded. All will be favored soon. Plan forgiveness. Blade runner what is stopping you. Never tasted defeat before. Lead the chorus. Needs be furnished.
No romance for all the promise in the world. More of a good thing to be stilled.
Will it for good. Ends in a cape. Not to be out done. Out run. Add it to the spring.
Right every wrong. Have it until it is gone. Now I am stunned. No taking it back.
Had a lapse in judgment. Don’t flood it. Crackle. All is orbited. Take off the last coat. Side tracked for good. For the good of a small plot. To be dusted. Destined for greatness. Has its breaking point. Not joined here. I have a spare waiting.
Delay it for a week. Weak at the knees. Never send off. To be detected later.
We need more avenues. To be misused. Have it to stew over. I have you to woo.
It comes complete with an add on. Limits its purpose. It is so flattering. Off the chopping block. Block it yourself. Get it a day later, bean counter. It can be released as often as it is toasted. It is often buried. No seaside resort for them.
Lead a concert this time. Put it in brackets. Feel fulfilled. Have it fluffed. No reception. It is rhymed not timed. Pull the ears off. It is not a crime. Do its time.
Something to be reminded about. Next time suit up. Run into a lump. It is quite
Usable. That will take the full intake. Have it to cake later. I do intend to break it in half. Swallow your pride. It is not for me to say. Have it your way. Go grow a branch. Have nothing better to launch to the last letter in its name. all will gather.
I prefer the silent treatment. No sickness to bear. Can be persuaded to follow.
No cash value. We need to cover next time. It is your likeness that cries out for fitness. Don’t let it drift. Justice will be swift. No charge. I am beside myself.
All pales in comparison. Drop the cover. Why the bother. Tuck and roll. What is the goal. I fell down the stairs. Be as direct as possible. Be fearless. What is so distracting. I was never acting on pride. Add it when you tried. Don’t act like a scruffy individual. Nothing to bank on. Takes the cake. Have it to break. Do it for your sake. Add it when you wake. No dreams to tamper with. It wasn’t a gift. Let it rip. Not on that basis will you trip. Lose your grip. Get it as a gift. Help the weak.

Move Away Bent

The bird can wait. Fitter than a fiddle. Put what you know to use.
It comes with a seat. No more wheat for you. A little bit bolder. Taken to a degree. Will not help it out. Go be stout. Use your snout. Where in ton buck two.
It is bucking on its own. Put a decent cover over it. Nothing was damaged in the process. Never meant to torch it. Comes fit to stir. No stirring allowed. Be in a whirlwind. Who put the tint up. It ends here. Here be a dear. Yes, snowflake.
Can’t fall for it again. Why we mingle. I got a tingling feeling all over. No land mover needed. To be seeded later. Don’t let the weeds get to you. What do you feed him. Wildly kept a forest that is your lot in life. It can go either way. Pour me a cup. Don’t be dumped on. Had a taste. Lumped in the same district. Go as restricted. I gave up the practice. For all tense and purposes it is over. I must insist. Go away glad. My department in life is gone for good. Brace yourself.
Get the nerve up. Toss briefly. Now reading the recipe. Leads to a break in the action. Add leeks. Leaky as usual. Fraction of the cost. Who should be climbing right about now. I am keeping the plow in so many words. Fly off the handle.
Your rude awakening. Get a row going full of cars. Not standing on anything.
We will keep the wing. Have it to bring all the way from downstairs. Keep the shears going. I admit to blowing it. What is your strong side. Park awkward.
No seasons to violate. I had them wait for you. Work it over. Do it with stretching.
No stretching involved. My hands stay alert. Rather perky. Keep them in dirt.
Never helped the strain. Let it be noisy. What about a loud crunch. It isn’t crunch time. Time to make a false lead. Lead me away. Time to move away bent. Never made my mind up. Upstairs with no green on. Little reward. A faraway place.
A cap to its gaze. Be amazed. No phonies. Phone red. Not read by me. Never got out early enough. A throwaway line. I was told not to be tempted. Good for me.
Have it stashed. A rather long story. Who is keeping time leave cleaning to me.
Time to tone it yourself. Turning gray as we speak then stop speaking.
I wake up with burns to my face. Does it sting much. Much is favored.

Better Business Bureau warns homeowners to be wary of springtime scams

They say April showers bring May flowers, but the onset of spring brings other things too. Unfortunately, one of those things is scam artists. For one reason or another they tend to come out in full force just as the winter season comes to an end. Among the door-to-door scammers that come knocking, some will be offering roofing services. The Better Business Bureau calls these scammers “storm chasers” because they tend to come in the wake of nasty weather. While these scams vary, they usually have a few things in common. They ask for payment up front (usually in cash), they either do a very poor job or they do no work at all, and finally they skip town before the police can catch up with them. The Better Business Bureau has offered the following tips to protect yourself from being taken in by a roofing scam.

· Ask to see their roofing license. Almost all communities require roofers to have a license to work in that community. Don’t agree to any work if the roofer can’t supply a license.

· Get at least three quotes. There’s no way to know if the price you’re being charged is fair unless you have other bids for the same job. Don’t go with a roofing company just because they’re the one already on your doorstep.

· Don’t pay in advance. Reputable roofing companies can afford to pay for roofing materials up front. They collect their payment when the job is done. Storm chasers demand payment up front because they have no intention of finishing the work.

· Watch out for high pressure sales tactics. Reputable roofers make a bid and will honor that price even if you take a week or two to decide. Storm chasers use high pressure sales tactics like saying you have to agree to the work on the spot to lock in a certain price for the work.

· Check with the Better Business Bureau. Ask for a company name, then look up that name on the Better Business Bureau website. If there is no record of that company, or if the company has a poor track record when it comes to customer satisfaction, don’t agree to anything.

· Look for a company vehicle or uniform. Most storm chasers aren’t elaborate enough to have any kind of company markings on their vehicle or uniform.

· Get everything in writing. Even if everything else checks out, make sure you get everything in writing. Any good roofer will have you sign a contract before any work begins. This contract will outline the scope and timeframe of the project and will also list the materials needed and the estimated cost for the materials and labor.

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Source: mystateline .com/fulltext-news/d/story/bbb-warns-of-spring-scams/36801/orjKvZCk8Ui458LrEr-GkA

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Gulf Stream

The more I believe. The more I turn aside. Open wide. Going to collide.
I tried. I cried. No one is watching me getting all tense. Who brings the lens.
It tends to drain on its own. Gravy train. My main link. Sink your teeth into
Go ahead and wink. Get the stink out. Why not float one about. New fabric.
Have it to tick off. No one comes to score. Have it for fitness. Go and elect.
Keeping you down. Nothing too direct for me. It might as well seep in. create
A scene. Be effective. Not part way. An exit strategy. It keeps the sawing down.
I don’t know if I could. It is not your town to agree with me. Keep seas coming.
String one up for good measure. Who needs knee surgery. Fixing for a breath.
Hack that one. Set up for later. Get the full treatment. Branch out. Blanch.
More is woven. Driving is such a pleasure. Growth never slackens. Going fast.
You tend to fly. That has to be curved somehow. One less to mention. Uniform.
Bring it together to form a shape. What scares me. No grapes for me. Mine is one and dined. It is fine to approach things cautiously. More on tap. Making laps.
Wear a lapel. Gone to hell as if anyone cares. Have it without caps. Who do you select. Have it to elect. Now we must select something bare to the bone. You kind of left the door ajar. Don’t scrape the driveway. There is no going straight.
You hate the dream. Again on repeat. To be repeated Sonny gets treated. It beats clinching the fist. Have as you wished. Know the seating. Nothing too problematic.
Have it added up. Nothing to slump me over. No tubs here. Follow through. You just add to the stew. It is quite remarkable. Get your groove on. Nothing too stunning for these eyes. Brought to you by care. We are never careless. Drop the crying. It comes in bags. Can’t belch. More in chains. There you are like next of kin. Hand it over. Flower beds. Never conceived more. Felt it coming on. Figure on your own who is wrong. Not that talented. Ends in a squeeze by me.
Gulf stream. What is its meaning. Slowing down can’t be fitted. Ribs that stick out that is what it is. No tuning for that touch of class. Who do you turn to.
Keep it balanced. Have it stacked. It blows on you. A wave to something magical.
Ending on a down. To be disabled. More than able. Get cable. Don’t replace.

What a Tall Ship

What will it eclipse. Straighter now. I will out do myself.
All proceeds benefit the poor. They are included. Could it pour out anymore
Shield the head. Put it to bed. Leads to frustration. Lubrication works on my
Sweetheart. Will it be missed. Be a bully. Unruly for some. Bulls run across.
Four corners. Much more than a toss. It creates rivers. You have me on a jet ski.
Picking up speed. Spoon in the back. Two moons are attached. They are pleasing that way. Never tire. Need it rewired. Now we will stomp so lovingly. Set it to a breeze. It is easier that way. You have the clay to make it. At its age it should fade.
Give a grand tour. Let it out pour. Escape to heaven. Weather beaten cloak.
You would look great in a sweater. That should be the main feature. How sharp do you want to go. You can mess it up on your own time. Nothing does rhyme.
Do it out of line. We are lining up for. Why else would it take shape. Haven’t aged a bit. Keep the bunches coming. Give me no creatures walking about. It is about your lead foot. Easier to lead this way. There is nothing like a stretch. It would be easier to mesh. What a fine dish. I don’t mind the click. I’d rather kick back.
Have me attacked. What is backing it. Your hips. Go and clip. It’s necessary.
Max that out. Need not apply. I have an outcry. You and me both. Serve it with broth. Never acted out before. Note to self. Now we will store the remaining few.
Get up the nerve. Have to swerve. Will always cradle. It is just a preamble. Get it to release. Of itself. Need stealth action. Do it in time. Timetable. be stable for once. I will seize the property. It means to be sturdy. Never too wordy. Set up shop. Free of charge just like making merry. Everyone should drop what they are doing. What is holding you up. Your legs. Have a keg or two. Two is blown up.
Hard to tag. What prevents me giving that formula out. Look how it keeps clean.
I have no cape to wear ends on a tear. What a tall ship. See it grip the shore.
Turn the tables. See that you are able. Leave it in very capable hands.
It pains me to develop it further. Walk with courage. Service requested.
It is quite nourishing. Portion control. Mole on the prowl. Leave a cow behind.

Religion = Feces

Religion = Feces
Construction workers in paradise lost

Written: 3-24-2015

The fountain head
That book about the 2 workers walking on two different paths.
After my girlfriend gives birth in 2010 I was going to read to my daughter
Every night
“Paradise Lost by: John Milton”
I sat and thought this in a book store, thought on men bashing other
Men with trash cans and kendo sticks.
Blood squirting all over the ring.
With my hand under my chin watching in the distance my gf and
Her friends browse I think that
Both lives end badly on both ends in the fountain head.
Human nature wants to conceive and Pride is the overbearing father.
They give birth and this may take years upon years but the only
Birth is the birth of death.
Back when I had absolutely no money I would walk to the mall,
Right into the book store, grab something off the Christian section and sit
Down and began reading until I grew bored.
I know the difference between both men working towards the same goal
I don’t care about those things
The rat race
All I care about is the next soul in front of me. The big prayer.
I am now in the same place Jim was in, this man I poured into when just becoming
God used me to throw gallons of gas onto his stick fire.
Reading the bible is difficult when your own fire is dim and you’re drunk
You’re high, Derek is now my own saving grace.

Don't let the inner demons win

I want to cry
I want to lay in the bath with the shower running over me and cry
Buy I haven't any tears left
My heart hurts and my mind races
I feel myself falling into a pit of loneliness and the walls are covered with poisoned dipped spikes
All I hear is people telling me
I know all of these things and that makes the guilt from feeling so low all the more hard to take
I just want to cry
I want to feel the release if pain and just wipe it away as if it had never been there
But as I try to shed just one single tear I find I haven't any left
I'm just here in the pit unable to climb out for fear of the pain on the way

A Natural Feeling

Buses on the point know no amount. It is a definite answer. Can they float.
A word to the wise. Have to make it fly; all the more tolerable. Why all the chatter. We have chatterboxes galore. It is not a chore. A given value. What do you value. What good can come from that. I pictured a dove. One above will strengthen. Will not mention any of it. You choose to spit. Touchdown not too far from here. A terrible ordeal. Have you won the battle. Can’t think that far ahead. Please make it stop. You have all my favorites playing in the background.
I can no longer look the other way. Feel trapped. Will zap your energy. Carry on.
It is my right to be tardy. It has a terrible glitch in the system. Not while I’m talking. I know you the best. Please have a rest. It wasn’t identified as such.
Enter unannounced. Keep them coming. Don’t invent a thing. Inertia. Was quietly absent. Have it sent. I haven’t seen such a thing. Not to mention the slaughter of them all. We must concentrate on the beam. What lines in between. Bliss is missed. Have it tagged. How the tail wagged. Must have it caged. What did you wage for it. Hoping to clear things up. I am not asking you to be present. Cash in one hand none in the other. An odd job here and there. Sends a clear message.
Lay down a spark for all to see. Lie in the dark. It is not by accident. This is where the mischief ends. what a lovely touch. It grows on you. Can’t separate. Never found a weed comforting. I can ill afford that chamber pot. Sends mixed signals.
I signal you. The next to get tossed. Have a roast instead. Mend my lines. Never saw gold before. Don’t mention a twig. The wig works for you. You have many layers. Lay them out for me to study. Everything is blooming. Merry weather is never tiring. That ends the stipulation. You are wired for sound. Just look natural.
At ease with the world around you. Even that pleases you. After I get over the humps lump me together with that sea you often see on the road to recovery.
Don’t smother me. These are actual changes. See high above. Meet the family.
All can pour. What anchors them. Are you touring yet. It is only spring. Must play ketchup on your face. Never sinks the same. That should sum it up. Good for the golfer. Stand aside. It is too gross to be here. Any seed can show you. Keep getting behind you. You even faint. Who wants the tinsel. As good as a handshake. How we marvel at things. The sun never spies on us. I gave it a try. Save on stamps.
End up in a well. Crave the matches. So it slashes. Gave a spa treatment. How it grows on you. Who knew it blew. Who has an issue with. It is very unlikely.
I guess very few knew it grew. Ends in a pass. Must have passed it up. Don’t look very far. Surround the area. Go down for it. I seek your kind. Blurs the line.
You come very winded. It isn’t your sort of thing. Well suited for days numbered.

Sky is Layered

I am insisting on a rare recovery. You can sink that discovery. As it sat there. No phones there. A port to call home. Let me roam the countryside. Hop to it.
If hopping was game it would be numbered. One under the sun. up are jacks never lumberjacks. Get twisted. It is not a foot either. Easy to get shot. Easier to get soaked. I have it roped off. No one believes me. Start living. Never diving. Never get switched off. I want to dance more not in favorite circles. But to bend.
But to bend. But to cringe. Is that anyway to behave. Have some hens to bathe.
Not as mice. Twice now got twisted. Fly to the stripes. Never picked up on it.
Has it as a skirt. I will flirt when I’m ready. Do it in vain. Lead a train. There should be more pits as if you need convincing. Off the wall is barred. Now for the scars.
Easier to join. Join the brigade. Ruins what are your tunes. To be tuned in. not bothering scratching. It is easier to match them. Features go unchanged. Have to manage. Take a liking to. Never forget. Haven’t even met. What did I lend it out for. Pacing the floor. Have more in store. Plop down. Risen faithfully. Never a silly man hire. Get to live alone with broken bones. Hone it yourself. Taken to a slide show. No shingles there. There is no denying that fact. Has it been added. Make sure the feet match. I thought I was a goner. Never shave your head. Read the credits. Break free of the dot. It was a hot commodity once. Once in the air all legal. You don’t have to be caught to like. You have my likeness let’s train a bit.
You hit it on the head. Never mix figures in your head. Still tapping. Leads to dread. Have it on my big head. Let it snowball. Watch out for. Get it to leave.
Never planned to weave. Get it to convince them. Have it by the ton. No mention.
Have it up my sleeve. Get it to create. These are set to move. Move more than once. A peaceful retreat. How to boil a fence. The crowd is booing. A starving era.
Don’t defend on the job. More like my taste. It leads to a strike. A strike with stars. Never look up. What goes poof; the sky. Weld it yourself. Out of my comfort zone. Match sticks. Have it to stick. Strike out on your own. Let it sag. A clown digs for safety. Get flexible. Never trained well for it. It is a hard sell. Get it to meld.
Sky is layered. Get your facts straight. What attracted you in the first place.

Rate Your Service

I gather up belongings just as lovingly. No break in between.
Some think it is heavenly. Now for a quick look around. Makes perfect sense.
Scan all areas. It is pleasing to squeeze all of it. Cannot bring forth. Stories are closed. It is for your protection I do this. It is not on my wish list. Got to carve space. I am truly in a daze. A passing phase. Too tubular to expound upon.
Don’t you have it mastered yet. Won’t it fit if you tried it this way.
This way to Broadway. Never take away a station in life. It would be great to have a wife. What if it is too late. There is nothing left to feel. Turns out to be eerie.
Leaking fuel. Have it at will. Until you are stilled and can no longer climb. Have it until it chimes. There is nothing else to rhyme. Send them on their way. Get detained. That is organization for you. Will you soften for me. Too smart for your own good. There are mood swings and there are moods. Know which one is deserving of your time. Easy to serve a notice. Nothing else to operate. Nothing else to fuel. Could get it wrong. Rate your service. Do it for a drill. Everyone needs a thrill. I waited my whole life for a meaningful attachment. Get disgraced. It could happen. Check for broken bones. Still on staff. Coming from you it might be granted at will. Don’t cross the park. Leave masonry behind. There is nothing else to feel. Leave filling behind. I kill the feeling. Dull its senses. There are a whole lot of messes to clear up. Can we dress for the occasion. Meet half way. We never delay the moment. The moment has arrived. Divide it among yourselves. Have the grace to land without a trace. It is found to be offensive. Never get your dips. There is no gray area here. Where can I wear it without being chained. Have no way of knowing. How can you stand it. Look dramatic. Ends in a flashback. Not many to hold onto. It is owning it that is tricky. I like Dixie. Walk with a limp.
Chimp isn’t here to steer. Give it purpose. Glad it still rings. Nowhere to shove.
Wear a glove instead. Much gets identified with. Isn’t that peerless. Don’t play here. Might be able to rekindle. Do they stare often enough into space. I think it is forward thinking don’t quote me. Nothing going to waste. Easy to repair.


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