The Obelisk's Treasure

I scrutinize, with determined intent
At the seemingly insurmountable mountain ahead.
I remember back to times that came and went,
And think on how once past events,
Passed on from struggles to steps of victory instead.

I laugh to myself at how those past points,
Seemed to, at the moment,
Lack a certain sought after brevity
And eventually,
Became the sordid melodic instrument,
Of my symphony,
Composing my life's connecting joints,
Amidst the self contained mental torment.

I look on with wonder,
At the obstacle that stood tall before me.
Bittersweet is memory,
Of how my fears once rent my goals asunder.
Afraid of future blunders,
I chose not to choose a path.
Yet intrigued,
By the sheer obscenity,
Of chasing after nightmare tinged dreams.
My psyche fatigued,
By the aspect of fighting to be,
Quite simply, free...

I approach the behemoth unchained,
Ready to make my skyward ascent.
To at last rise above the the litter of "the same",
Each and every piece of failure's fragments,
Forensically unidentifiable by name.

I realized something prior to grasping my fate...
Goals are intrinsically attainable and obtained.
I grow stronger with every step I take.
Leaving down below, inadequacy in my wake.
And in pressing forward through stinging rains,
I have rewritten my now prosperous refrain.

I gaze with focused eyes affixed,
At future sights invisible and yet clearly seen.
No longer precariously perched betwixt,
Despair and apprehension at the changes of scene.
But rather teetering on the verge of being between,
Giddiness and pure excitement for what is next.

Although this climb is remniscent of so much burden,
Those familiar struggles of old,
I must boldly go to snatch the cache of blessings untold.
For I know they will not be freely given,
And the once terrifying journey is the new jewel therein.

When the waiting stops

clothed in the nakedness of my own humility
I realize that as each day passes
I no longer have the strength to fight the system
where in my youth
I knew what blazed in my heart
the audience of my life awaited for the eagle to emerge
yet the hope grew dim
with each new passing disappointment
I found that within myself
I was just but a weak fledgling
having no strength of my own to carry on
but today I rejoice again
for I have been stripped of all that weighed me down
I have begun to peer through the walls and see the bright sun
the eyes of hope have lit up once again
although the pain remains
and the fear of failure trembles on my fingertips
I will press on
toward a higher place
that marks the end of a chapter and a new beginning
clothed in this passion
I will realize the burdens I carry
will tell their own story
as I rise above what could have been
and create what will become

Cultural Creature in Suspension

Another Day
A Quest to address a dilemma
Long term unemployment

No enjoying a day
Without pay
IN a way

Unpaid time without earning
A Dime or Nickel
Only serving a constant companion

Negative thinking
Invading my thoughts
Searching for a positive end

A Haiku For You

The earth quakes,
My heart shakes,
This is Love.

PLeaSureful AGony

Pleasureful agony bridges both pain and delight.
Surges of excruciatingly enjoyable exhaustion
overtake us complete.
What is his, is now mine, and I give all without
Sweat overflows fluidly between us.
The world exists no more;
Blotted out by the syncopated tune of our love swoon.

Vulture perched clothesline

written: Apr-14-2014

Before the unemployment days where I grabbed old hot dogs
and honey roasted cashews at the gas station
and walked back to my job
I did my best not to lose my mind once lunch was over
After I threw my headset against the computer screen and
quit my job I still grabbed those hot dogs sitting in steamy old
hot dog water
Sat in my used prius and rubbed scratchers with my keys in the
parking lot
read and wrote short stories and poems
then I would go look for work for a few hours.
While working that 5 1/2 months for Verizon I went to a
music festival
the biggest in Tucson and man
it was brutal
I was nervous shoving my way politely
threw the crowd in the mosh pit area
why? I don't know.
All that remains came out and played there set
I was getting shoved and pushed in
random directions
watched the skin and muscle heads
slam dance in the distance
a nervous second guessing thought came into my mind
"What the heck am I doing here man..."
got my feet stepped on
the heat rose significantly
then while they played their main single
from behind a man was thrown and landed
right on top of me
I bent fast from his weight like bending over
quickly to vomit
he was big with a 6 pack and pectorals
It was reminiscent of Kane getting jumping to the top rope
like a perched vulture giving a massive
flying clothesline
I protected the guy while he regained his composure
then with the help of a metal head we picked
the guy up then threw him back to
body surf


A quiet quelled
Within a quiet bass quelled a beat
Boom thromb pound beat beat beat
Damn the pain, shoot, aim, please miss
Arrows stab jarred in space
Don't ask me to walk down the damn stairs
Slow fast keep the deadline must keep the deadline
Throb boom beat fast smoke um sigh collapse
Damn groceries hurt bills fly fly fly doggie shit
Type smoke type smoke type smoke relieve the dog
Stare at the clock rub the brace answer file away pain
Meet the killer quelled the monster
Thine eye.

On Becomming

I am Becoming what I am.
Becoming what I am.
On becoming?
Becoming I.
Am I becoming? No. I AM.
I am Becoming.


I wish I could fly,
like all kinds
of birds can fly;
to be able to see
all kinds
of beauty...
then again,
I need not travel...
I find all beauty
in you.


Am I
I think so
I want to be
Why do I
I do not know
But I am

Is she
I don't think so
Why isn't she
I do not know
But she is not


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