The Path Not Taken

Two skies meet, one red one blue.
Which represented the old and the new.
They met together in a path.
A weathered, weary, and painful past.
And from their path they finally see,
How united be the sea.
And then the skies watch us fight and die.
So they look to God and ask him “Why?”
But he had not the answer to why they were dying.
For God, he was already crying.
He watches his children kill each other.
Father to son, brother to brother.
Two paths in the sky diverged by hate.
Neither path leads to heavenly gates.
Although we have lost, we are not forsaken.
The path we should take is the path not taken.

The Power

The power, is it in the arm or the heart?
Have we figured that out? Did we ever start?
Eventually we will, it comes in time.

Pathetic are those who make it sublime.
Overall we take it for granted.
We all have the power, yet we claim it be enchanted.
Endless thoughts, the ignorance shown.
Riven dream to us left unknown.

We must unsuppress, our inner thoughts.
Inside unlock which we forlornly forgot.
To hide a dream is to take a life.
Hindering existence, stab the heart with a knife.
I will live by example, you may call it sin.
Now without you, I unlock the power within.

A Bright Clear Future

I'm a little confused on how I feel
Love like this seems a little unreal
Outshining the sun, I am blind
Virtuously our souls are intertwined
Evidently my heart you have stolen
Young me, you have chosen
Oh how beautiful this passion
Ultimately one can imagine
Burning with love we feel inside
Rapidly we unite
Unafraid we feel alive
Certain that our future is clear
Ever so tightly, we hold each other dear


I am your fear, I am our disgrace,
A shadow in the mist of the light.

I bring the tears to your face,
I am your source of fright.

Terror dances on your heart,
It brings you to your knees.

Now your life has fallen apart,
And everyone else but you sees.

You scream my name and go insane,
For you still do not know Y.

I am that pain that racks your brain,
And at night causes you to cry.

In vain you scornfully shout my name.
You seemingly fill the sky in one eclectic moment.

Death comes knocking.
The questions filter.

Conclusion: Only I know Y

You Want Respect?! (X Strikes)

Feel the pain, I bring you fright.
I want to hear you scream this deadly night.
Can you feel my swords pierce through your skin?
This is not the end, I have yet to begin.
You think this is bad, it only gets worse.
My entrance in this world began this curse.
You beg for your life, I couldn’t ask for more.
Laugh at you with scorn as you die on the floor.
I am so evil, and I love it every bit.
On your grave I will spit, on your tombstone I’ll sit.
I show disrespect for you deserve nothing more.
Show some to me, and you’ll live to implore.
I am greater than you’ll ever be, all fear should come from my name.
Compared to your boring and pitiful lives, we two will never be the same.
Feel my pain, in a triple dose; you now have just been X’ed.
The only thing that can run through your mind, is finding out who’s next.

I Miss You

I miss you and it makes me cry.
Like the wounded dove may miss the sky.
I miss your love in even sips.
I miss the kissing of your lips.
I miss your eyes, I miss your nose.
I miss the times that we held close.
I miss your heartbeat next to mine.
I miss your beauty, truly divined.
I miss kissing and holding your hand.
I wish to lay with you in the sand.
I’ll draw a heart with our names inside,
And finally show you the feelings I hide.
I miss you more than the stars above.
You have my unconditional love.
So if you ever miss me, look into your heart.
And I’ll be right there with you, so I’m not really that far.

I Don’t Know What To Write

I don’t know what to write.
My ideas are absent to existence.

Poe would laugh, Shakespeare would cry.
The Raven and Macbeth are laughing.

I don’t know what to write.
A disgrace to poets.

I am lost of word to say.
The words, they evade me.

Like sand in my hands,
They just slip away from reach.

My indecisive words of nothing,
Accent my lack of motivation.

An empty poem on this page.
I just don’t know what to write.

If Only

If only this world would realize that we need not to fight.
Blinded love consumed by hate.
What drives us all to demonstrate?
If only they could see the truth.
Realize there’s nothing to prove.
Freedom, justice, and liberty,
Leads to our misery.

When love returns to us will it be too late?
Would those watching over us forgive us from the grave?
To prove a foolish point what price does it cost?
Should it mean a thing to us after all we've lost?
Well I guess you took my world and turned it upside down.
Never thought I’d see the world fall apart and drown.
And if I die tomorrow would you care in time to save my soul?
Who gives a damn anymore when the worlds lost control?
Forgive the words of anger that I say.
If only the world could be at peace someday.

I Have Found

I have found that lightning can strike twice.
When love turned its back, I gambled and rolled the dice.
Life is but a lottery, and lucky numbers have I.
A new found emotion that leads me not to cry.
I have found that getting what you want,
Pales in comparison to wanting what you already have.
I have found that life does restart.
Like the blooming of a new rose in the spring,
My love like that flower has flourished once more.
I have found myself through the eyes of a child.
Once young and vibrant, now grown and wise.
A new found energy and an all too familiar feeling.
Like a flower from the ashes, I have rose from insecurity,
And now I may finally have a chance to truly bloom.
The next stage in life, bring me alive.
A new found love,
I Have Found.

I Had A Dream

I had a dream one gloomy night.
I dreamed the wrong had been made right.
A little magic touched us all.
Justice prevailed, I lived up my call.
Then I awoke to quite a stir,
To find this dream did not occur.
I felt the pain of this worlds truth scorned.
A promise in my heart now sworn.
I swear inner freedom, my life I may choose.
Through a world of conviction and all who accuse.
I refuse to believe this all to be bliss.
What an important point we did miss.
He said “free at last” and yet we are not.
He meant everybody! Or maybe you forgot.
Despite his efforts the world still fights.
Both sides are wrong, yet both think they’re right.
I fall to my knees and cry on the floor.
I cannot take this anymore!
I can scream and shout till my face turns blue.
I could write the strongest of poems, but what does it prove?
I had a dream one gloomy night.
What once was pleasure has turned to fright.
I stood there scorned, battered with silence.
What once was sorrow has now become violence.
I thirst for the blood of my hooded foes.
I’ll slaughter them all for the hatred they chose.
But then I’m just as bad as them.
I have become what I once condemned.
It’s over, it’s lost, and what does it mean?
I’ll know when I too can have the dream.


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