Visual Meadows

Walking over into the meadows,
I see the sun setting
In a field
Wide as
The rays of the sun.

The grass is fresh
And it gives a crisp smell
That mixes with the air,
Green pastures full of the seasons
Insects and birds
Moving, flying
Making the evening beautiful and peaceful
After the day’s trails.
Green pastures that calm my mind,
And rest my soul

This is what I need,
The relaxation and abundance
Given by the earth and wind that connects with the field grass,
Various blades of leaves I find in different parts of the field,
With colorful flowers that appear,
Making sweet noises
While my thoughts matures
To heavens question
Of if or will
I ever be adored and loved with grace again.

Copyright 2013 Brittny Malone

Iditarod Racer

Your paw beckons with its four little nodes
Your fur thickens with the approach of foes
Your eyes too crystalline to comprehend
Your endurance tests forests and their lethal bends
The stretch of the arctic and the sprawl of the snow
Eerily swathe the dark rivers below
And the ice does not daunt nor do the winds fright
For the sled shall still dive over powder at night
Comrades prove efficient, though hierarchy looms
Mushers become obtuse, sporting too short a fuse
Yet the battle is not yours, so the flight is prolonged
Since the ass that sits atop is 200 lbs strong
And the novice that leads you will perchance lead you wrong
Chagrin does portend a race closely drawn


I hold nostalgia close in my sentimental chest
I hold a bitter romance beneath my breast
I hold a heart that thaws for the kindness of men
I hold a spirit that remains too far from zen
I hold a hand that no longer holds mine
I hold stiff fingers that do not intertwine
I hold shoulders that periodically shudder
From memories I hold of an unique other
I hold a heart that cries for that old embrace
I hold eyes that long to review that face
I hold a void that gapes in my chest
I hold an injury beneath my breast

Restless Nights

I wake with dreams
And sleep with frights
Neuroses lead
To restless nights
I turn in bed
I check the stove
I worry too much
But the locks are locked
And the windows shut
I check the clock
I prolong my rut
I adjust the alarm
I bury my head
The pillows cushion
The crown of dread

Mighty Unknown

Gripping the unknown
But there is nothing to clasp
The myriad vagaries
Escape my grasp
Holding to control
I cannot hold tight
I need to relinquish
With all of my might
To throw my hat into
The ring and the wind
To pounce off the ledge
And perch on the air
Reminding us all
Of the things we don’t dare

Confidences Untold

I shall not confide
What I cannot decide
And only the weary will know
I shall not tell of this dizzying spell
Which ambivalence holds in my throat
I shall not weep on the bustling street
Those tears shall remain in my head
Instead I can sob when I finish my job
And my roommate has gone off to bed
I shall never recount the things I think
Though regret will stew in my soul
I will not relate the things that I hate
So we can loathe together once more
No one comprehends the things I won’t utter
So I muse as a recluse, and oddly mutter
To myself and to no one new

Glazed White

Contriving pearls
Before illusion
A folly
Veiled in itself
Invites intrusion
Until gates are forged
With virtue barred in
Swine will conspire
And tresspass begin
Unless walls are braced
To withstand the attack
What is guarded
And by the enemy
To yield defence
To but reflections
Of glazed white
Is to mistake perfection
The cost is
The fight


Show me those colours again,
Share your heart with me again,
Let's be together 'till the end
You make me feel kaleidoscopic.

Nobody knows how to get to the stars without a rocket
But you do, yes, you do.
So take me there where the sun cuddles the moon.
Take me there, where the time has no end
But first, but first...

Show me those colours again,
Share your heart with me again,
Let's be together 'till the end
You make me feel kaleidoscopic.

Just with You I'm able to dance
Even in the most crowded place,
Just keep holding my hand and
Take me where the sun cuddles the moon
You make me feel kaleidoscopic.

They say "The future is written in the stars"
I see the brilliant shadow of them through your eyes,
Please, don't stop, don't stop to look at me,
Feels so good to be loved
But first, but first,

Show me those colours again,
Share your heart with me again,
Let's be together 'till the end
You make me feel kaleidoscopic
You make me fee so kaleidoscopic.

Take my hand,
Guide me in this fairytale
Lead me to the kingdom where everyone wears crowns
Where the king has clown's nose
And life has unnamed colours

This is how your love feels,
This is how your love looks,
Your love is kaleidoscopic,
You make me feel kaleidoscopic
So take me there,
Where the sun cuddles the moon.

The Bridge

I see her
I see her standing there
Dress and hair blowing in the wet air
The rain is falling hard
I run to her to save her from a fall
As I grab for her I see she is me
My eyes are dead
My smile is gone
I lean forward and I fall
Into the dark from atop a bridge so tall
My body is falling, my voice is gone
All the terror went before the fall so I could see it all
I could see the light
The light through the black sea beneath me
Like a siren it was calling out to me
Through the dark I could see the light
The light was so bright it burnt my eyes
I could see her
I could see her standing there asking why
Her eyes were dead
her smile was gone
Just then an Angel grabbed her hand with a sigh and said NO my child it is not yet your time
As the Angel let go I could see it was me
I am still here
In this world for another day
A dream
A dream so serene
A dream that let me see the sea beneath me that was all too embracing but could not have me tonight
For this world was not done with me just yet

I get it, partner.

Fret not young one,
the best is yet to come.
Know qualities you desire
come by age and don't retire
a spirit, willing to endure.
Some rules my son
and never forget this one,
if nothing else be done:
love first,
without expectation--
souls like moths only harken
active and vibrant flames.
Be not inviting of death,
it will take you;
as us all,
fast as the hummingbird,
every bit as relentless and tenacious.
Too much to be done here
you see, most of which
never yields glee,
you may never believe me,
but I choose to wait and be.


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