Moments of Jesus (3)

The young boy

beyond his years,

The church leaders,

with astonished ears,

rubbed their eyes

How could one so young

be so wise?

Luke 2:46 And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the middle of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.
47 And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers

Wishing upon a shooting star

Everyone has one wish what's yours? For a person who is different it would be not to be discriminated and to not be hurt so much. Some people just don't understand what it means to be different and to have most people not understand who you really are!! It stinks that most people can be so cold that way to not understand who you really are inside. The prejudice we face day to day is unbearable!! Nobody would know how unbearable it is unless they were one of us, one of the different ones. Most people are so cold now a days!! "Why is that?" I ask myself. It's an unbearable pain some other people get joy out of seeing us in, but you wanna know the truth? It'll just make you feel worse in the end and it hurts us. Who do people think they are sometimes? I don't know don't ask me that ask someone who knows.

Subtle Nudges

Stiletto eyes with silver shimmering guise,
Go and gather your men and when.

Is this your first chase? Nay, the last.
Justified you spake, perched on your cast.

Sympathies for the great harm ive done,
Nothing to fear by your use of a gun?

Instead I'll conclude you've got no point,
Just some dude who's never smoked a joint.

Your moral code has passed its fold,
Proving that it's just your heart that's cold.

My heart is old like those laws you told.
So bring your bros so they can kiss my toes.

Dope & Change

D, T, S, 7-28-14
Dope & Change
If you’re not involved, get out of the way,
Liberals and faggets, smoke dope, and stay gay,
Constitutional militia, will knock on your door,
Your demise of this country, will be no! More,
95 present of us, have had to supply the rest,
Lobbyists push the others, to beat on their chest,
The people have changed, and not for the best,
The media’s controlled, and hopes too infest,
Artist and poets, for those that aren’t gay,
Hope and Change! That’s all I need to say,


I can't save you from your demons,
You've built them all your own.
But advise me of your reasons,
There, the truth is sown.

Speak to me of genitals,
And afflictions of the foot.
Long-lost principles
Or where next step be put

Answers care because they are sought!
Despite buried babes beneath the stair?
Progress is made and not only fought!
Chasing future failed marriages or breaking mare?

None should escape
love's death-grip vice.
Froze veins always awaken
from its vain ice.

But quietly;waiting,
while wanting for more.
Is like falling or dying
in light of being a whore.

Fear not your heart.
for she always is true,
Most unlike a bank,
to place one's payment due.

Mirror of the Bacchae

I'm taking back my choices,
the ones I let you make.
You've been giving only noises,
And those are mostly fake.

In the future I'll stick to listening,
And not hearing you instead.
I can intuit where you're going,
Instead of wondering about your head.

You've appetite for aggression,
But defense is your game.
You've no interest for inflection,
And your excuses, a shame.

A world exists despite your brow,
Quiet but open and ignobly small.
The smaller expands to suit you now,
But the larger, dark, to suit your pall.


The world has changed its clothes
To perform many times on stage:
Tragedy, comedy, fantastic loves...
Because it's the end of the age.

We need to sew new costumes
To dress the world we live.
We need to kill the tragedy,
The death that blows from East.

We need the O, the L, and the P,
An organization of Life and Peace.
We need the G, the L, and the B,
We need to Grow, to Love, and to Be.

We need to perform on stage
With honesty, integrity, and wit.
Put on the clothes of new age
We only need to be Human Being.

We don't need a camouflage,
A costume...a mask...or a script...
Or an audience that sabotage...
Just be what we have to be.


I love your eyes
But more you stares,
I love your arms
And the clothes you wear.

I love your hair
Not white - not blonde.
I remember our affair
My heart went beyond.


I see
The sylvester plants
Climbing incessant
Through molehills and trees,
Interspersing everywhere...
Stealing green...
Intertwining in the journey
To protect the earth.
I envy their freedom...
Silently rejoicing
While reaching the light,
laughing in the raining
While the clouds cry.
It yields every edge,
-yet bring no roses-
Ordinary flowers
Condemned to death.
I envy their freedom...
Their journey...
The green...
That never end.

It's crazy. I'm crazy.

I'm in love.
Golly, it's hit me hard.
I'm almost certain I've gone crazy,
Onacounta it just seems bizarre.
I've got these damned butterflies in my gut,
It isn't very keen
The only thing that I know for sure,
I'm hopelessly in love with James Dean.


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