Curse Of Mortality

Thrown between realms of ethereal and of the flesh
Are those cursed with the fate of resurrecting after death
Longing for a place to be sent to after death
Forever suffering the same, being cast back into the flesh
Angry and in pain, lost amongst the sea
Eternal suffering in life, curse of mortality
Afraid to be caged in the loose leaf of flesh
Like a rat, cornered into the palms of death
Abominations are they who seek to escape death
And punishment follows thereafter, folly of the flesh

Your pain is my pain:

I hurt for you
I don't know the details
But I hurt for you
You may never tell
But I'll still hurt for you
I feel your pain
I feel everything that you're not saying
I feel you
And I hurt for you
I don't know the details
You may never tell.
But, baby I hurt for you.
I love you, and until there's healing.
I'll hurt for you.

Confirmation: I'm still waiting


If you've ever wondered who's going to be there,
Rest assured that I'm not going anywhere.
I can say over and again that I'm letting go,
But I hope by now you already know
I'm for you. I'm yours.
I'll be here when you're ready.
Just waiting on you to come get me.
I won't give up on us.
You're the only one I feel, the only one I trust.
I have a lot to work on
and I'll do this while you're gone. I've given you my heart, you are my soul, so for me there's nowhere I can go. My love doesn't leave, you can count on me.


Far beneath, where the maws of earth contain
Six feet below it's inhabitants, lie skeletal remains
They will arise
Staggering above from their graves
To undo the many years of decay
Lust for the comfort of flesh
Scavengers amongst the dead
They will harvest
From those that lay dreaming in their bed
The blood that they too once bled
In a trance each corpse will begin
Synchronized to attack its own kin
Ancestral slaughter commenced
Starting by weaving the swollen skin
Upon their crooked lips don wicked grins
Shambling into midnight beauty
They have their wicked plans set on any living creature in sight
Supernatural cadavers driven by an insane plight
To reap from the breathing their blanket of flesh

Back to lonely

Strange city, nothing feels like home. That's what it's like for a girl who's all alone.
It's like everyone has somewhere to turn and my problems are of no concern
Sometimes I feel so invisible,
I cry out loud
Never to be heard
And for me, no solace, not one single word.
Trying to find a place to fit in, trying to find just one special friend.
Maybe I'm just not worth it, or maybe the lonely, I deserve it.
What did I do in my past life? Who did I hurt? Was I never right?
Why is it so hard for me to live,
sometimes I feel I have no more to give. Will I ever see the light? Or was the darkness created for me? Have I yet to pay the price? Or will you always punish me? No matter where I go, I always return
Because lonely is the only place I've earned.

God laughs as we make our plans

I am in love with a man
a real salt of the earth kind of man
one that can hold me in his arms and make me forget the world

I find myself looking off into the distance smiling just because he is on my mind

I never wanted this
I never wanted to be in love
I had a plan
wait until my child was in middle school
have my career going
own my own home

Now I find myself thinking about my future in regards to our future
I think about him being in my child's life
maybe having more children one day which I had written off
introducing him to my family

as a child I had a vision of what my future would hold
I would live on a big farm with a big white house with blue shutters
grandkids playing in the back yard
my daughter having her first kiss on the tire swing hanging from the huge tree in the front yard

I remember an old saying about God laughing at your plans
that is only because no matter how hard you fight to make something work
no matter how much you pray or wish on a star
God has a plan for you already and that might take a while to show itself but when it does you will know that all of your miss steps and heartaches were nothing but stairs to something beautiful

Twisted Reality

Not knowing what's right from wrong
You struggle with this
Childlike attitude
But if you knew the extremity
Of living so naively
You'd seek to find
Some people find solace in a twisted reality
Where tv is how they learn their vocabulary
In an alternate reality
There will exist no abstract theory
And to think logically
Would reign dominantly
But for me to believe
So naively
That an alternate reality
Truly exists...
I will only be adding
To this twisted reality
Consumed from

Ocean Of Hands

Each finger gliding down your back
You feel each sensation creep up your neck
You're being paranoid
As if an ocean of hands
Are relentlessly harassing you
Eventually you will grow comfortable of the soft fingers
From what once was an itch now becomes a tingle
And you use those sensations to help you relax
The more you ease into each hand
They become a gentle palm
Gentle palms, keeping you calm


Real closely, if you stare hard enough
There's a universe inside you that I'm trying to explore
With a map in my hand, I'm willing to discover
And a compass in my pocket, I'm more ready than ever
I navigate with the touch of my hands
And I search with the heart in my chest
No key is needed because I've unlocked you with my smile
I put you to rest, with a caring lull, caress
I have seen your universe and all that you offer
And this is where I'm staying from now until forever

The Fear in Me

I fear never seeing you again
I fear losing you as a friend
I fear you will never choose to be happy.
I fear that you will never be able to love me.

I fear that we will never be alone together.
I fear things won't ever get better.
I fear the days that you are gone.

I've never needed anything more, than to show up at your
heart's door.
I know I'm asking for too much
But, God knows I crave your touch.

I wish things could be different
But we choose to live with our decisions.

The biggest fear that consumes me is
I don't know where this will lead.
Although I know that you can't choose me,
I still believe that we were meant to be.


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