August Full Moon -

The galactic solstice, with the eastern horizon full moonrise illumination,
Shines very brightly tonight, over this great bountiful frontier nation.
Another lifes quarter has gone by, seams to me like reason for celebration,
Bonfires are in order, glowing embers float and fly up, to the stellar heavens creation.

Nightime starry skies, sparks brighten, as they create a burning illuminescence,
The seasons cry, with every upward spiralling luminous spirit incandescense.
Thoughts of those that have traveled like comets already, towards the almighty presence,
When they get there, they will certainly know, as they are welcomed without hesistance.

For those of us left down here on Earth, with our worldly ambitions and asperations,
Time we have, to make time to reflect and understand, and concentrate upon our lifes devotions.
Family, friends, neighbors, people we know and care about, all of our loved ones,
Life offers us chances, to make it not anti-matter, with a big-bang cosmic impact, before we are done.

As the seasons go by, with gravitational pull, the galactic solstices mark the way,
Want it or not, they dont stop, the starry keepers of time, tomorrow, yesterday, and today.
They remind us all, with their stellar clock, of our limited lifespand, with which there is no resistance,
That our galaxy, like us all, must go supernova, a temporary magical biosphere of stardust existance.

D. Matthew Beebe - mattbeebepoems


Yep they yap yip, zip it, trip, hip, gangsters rent lament, pay rent after you paid for the car dent, hell bent, on getting funked. Animal, you rouse my anger gimp. Think you flow, hell know this trip gang bang, hang loosely at the hanger, danger us, you dangerous skimp. Temporal is your reign in the sleazy part of the trailer, you call a castle, hustle smokes look cool inhaling chemicals, romantic. Look hear listen as it goes buy faster as it blurs, slurred speech patterns, speak your mind before you splatter, gray matter. Thousand shades of tact, exact, aftermath phantasm, then we see you spasm, look, funk chump, gimpy whimpering, scampering out into the market place, aces erasers. Forget what I said this isn't a threat. Do not let me see you slang coke rock in my hood stood. Triage mapped out by Google, frugal fragile gang bang dang it ain't no thing G.


We had our differences
Neither of us perfect
Guess the gist of this is
Was it really worth it
Plenty of history
That was never a problem
Present discrepancies
Can we even solve em
Future aspirations
Always the best intent
We would be glad to make it
Any way we went
All these tenses
Tightening my senses
All alone so pensive
Look at how good my French is


Prayers for you go out darling girl. Heavenly beings pronounce celestial remedies for you girl. C I am ever increasingly needing you girl, not like dough girl, like whoa girl. I'd go into hell itself rescue you girl. I'd swoop down from the universal galaxies like a supersonic super power to lift you up girl. I'd swim vast oceans infested with sharks girl. I'd die a death on a wooden cross, if some supreme being hadn't already done it for you girl. I'd cry another year, each and every night all over again for you girl. I'd walk every inch of the earth if that's what it took girl. I'd value you more than anything and everything girl, like I already do girl, hear you coo girl, too woo you girl, better than he did girl. Flowers in a myriad of arrangements girl. Cathedral visits by me girl, praying you'll be with me girl. C, I am lost without you girl.


Close temptress, no cigar, dead gone days of vagabond. You led me astray with hypersensitivity, impervious to my want, you flaunt your seduction, left me in the ghetto scenery. Wanting more of you though hypocrisy led me more astray. Equivocate lady lust screeching to a halt breaking frenzied spotlights for attention. However etymology gives me security you'll find the right body language to define, refine, align your true meaning. Last time you were in your bed was when you were seeing red. Pigments went astray when you expressed it on a canvass, crass no, grass no, unless you wanna get higher than a kite on cannabis weed, baby, baby, baby. I'll say it again, let me in and I'll set it all at ease. Let me win baby, let me sin with you baby. Let me inside of you baby. Damn it baby, damned the raging river for you baby. Equivocate baby girl, I'm still in love with C.

Pointless Patrol

What is on the inside no longer matches
My exterior that everyone sees
Professionally friendly
I am no stranger to feeling tired
And somewhat forgotten
My only life now is one
That leaves me perpetually stuck
Trapped inside of some kind of
Corporate Utopia
Rotting away inside repeated routines
Pounding my head on a glass window
Showcasing a parade of people
I've been hired to protect
In case of an emergency
I cannot lay my life down for you
It is not here anymore
Lost somewhere between home
And this slowly rotating carousel
A ride I can only temporarily escape
During intermittent days off
Where I can hide from my failure
To exist beyond sleep and security


Scent of decay, scent of dead dying bogeyman bones. Images of life lost ashes of ruin. Boisterously burying bodies, blown away with a blunderbuss. Centuries pass as does the legend, the big bad college boys revisit the bogeyman horror. Serene, society scenes play out in this effervescent love story, where the woman who appeared to be the subject of many fantasies falls in love and even tames the bogey man. Sublime suggestions by MANDY twenty three, engaged to save the town she loves, by marrying the bogey man. Cent, scent, sent, she went down the isle, whereby the real love of her life there after the I Do. Preppy, JESS, twenty one Poured gasoline on the bogey man, setting, entire set, scene ablaze for all attendant to witness. Wedded bliss, hell no damn bogey man freaky. Sleep in peace bogey man now effervescence can breed.


Walking through the pouring rain
Under my polka dot umbrella
Listening to the heavy drops
And all I can do is smile
It may as well be sunshine weather to me
As I stroll between cemetery stones
They hold such a sad beauty
It seems
Only a strangeness like me could appreciate them
The rain does not hinder me
I feel it compels me
To continue my journey through the cemetery stones
There's one, so small, so sweet
If only I could read it
The words only shallow grooves
If at all
I trace them delicately with my fingers
What name does it carry?
A small child, someone's baby?
Or perhaps a young woman
I do not feel a sadness inside, only a peacefulness
This is the story of life
The beginning and the end
Written on the cemetery stones


Find a way now for yes, undress body, yes, list chores more than before. Guild up your roses, poses for pictures taken for news paper articles. Groveling yes sir, oh, indigenous plants foliage, zillions of insects and their larvae. Provoke zealously vortex of oasis, instantly. Bikini baring sun bathing, green house gigantic, living quarters female inhabitants. Visitors enhance livable expectations therein. Wherefore, like said before partially nude girls adored by enlisted researchers of the greenhouse style dorm. Activities enlisted them online, followed guide lined, dividends. Adventurously living not always harmoniously. Cat fights, dog, fights pillow fights, trampoline tricks insight of patrons visitors of prevail, or plight. Tasked daily, obstacles racing, guys, girls chasing, every movement, streaming online live 24/7.


Assuming you gumption Monday, appearing you presume Tuesday. Had a rhythm on your heart Wednesday, rhyme while building a fence on Thursday. Friday and Saturday you dance with JIM a friend, again, every weekend. Dress up on Sunday, worship your friends. Rhyme for the on lookers, rhythm for the thrill seekers, bend. Ongoing hallucinatory in her eyes a fairytale story, her night in shining tuxedo will appear out of thin air, poof, a magic act. Accurately sensibilities proceed through the showers gently billowing, north west winds contend. Dance in the rain with your bundle of joy dolly, hold him in your arms within your charm. Thunderstorms suddenly vanish just as they appeared out of no where, relinquish into thin air. Seen her, wow, beautiful child of mine, theirs, his, or maybe, belongs to the show biz. Band of sisters dance circles around her as she showed her true imagination, colorful tunes, softly singing songs of love, assured by him her man of wisdom wearing, his tux for good luck, merry go round while strangers look ongoing.


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