You’re Part Of It All

I know where you’re going
and I know how you’ve suffered
take comfort in knowing
you’re part of it all

Look at earth from a starship
you’ll see only rhythms
each rhythm is perfect
for creating it all

All the losers are winners
failures are successes
‘cause the white light of wonder
creates shadows to fall

I know where you’re going
and I know how you’ve suffered
take comfort in knowing
you’re part of it all.

The Value of my Soul

As I lay down to sleep,
Hoping that the lawd keeps my soul as we sleep.

Silence of the bedroom comes over me;
For I am praying for strength to not be ashamed.

The manner of my dreams,
The focus of my return.

The need to be spiritually fed,
So, my soul maybe clean.
So, these tears my not be invain.

I cry out political and citizenship PAIN and DISASTER.

We all know that we are running for freedom,
We all know the rights we had before they vanished.
And now the executive office is hopefully rewriting the laws in our favor;
With validation in mind.

As we acknowledge dignity of the professionals at hand.
As we recognize them and walk in paths as they wish or command.
As we understand their beliefs in companies that we may work for,
We realize that their laws may not be cohesive to what we believe.

Which causes us to sale our souls for equality and respect.

Then the need for redemption, cause us to repent, before we sale out on God.
Knowing right from wrong,

Do you hear my song,
Do you know my shame,
Do you have something to claim.

Claim your soul,
Gather your thoughts,
And know who you stand against.

Theoretical Spark

C, I tried being with someone real,
But he was too busy runnin around the field.
Too busy to C,
Honey brown suga while callin me through the speaker box,
I should be a little more cautious next time I decide to show interest in some one
Persistence and Power
Two different personalities a single wanting women, and a loving, hard working wife.
Trying to stop thinking about him and the friends that I made in my younger days
Chillin under the sunrays.
I had no clue
That their lifestyles were different from mines,
No one asking,
So we can build as one.
Finshing college, so I can move on to what is preordained for me.
Living a spiritual life while living responsibly in the last days.
Praying for devotion and healing of consciousness----
The mind.
C why?

A thousand Miles Freefalling

We're both too far away,
so we can't really talk which leaves me in dismay,
but I find comfort knowing we can chat ourselves away.

We're both the same, you and I,
you're my other half, but I can't tell you why,
as I'm wishing that you would someday be mine.

As the days go by I see myself with you by my side,
As I patiently wait for you to realize,
That your name is the one that's buzzing on my mind.

I wish I could tell you that you're my twin flame,
but I'll respect that you've already found yourself your own flame,
so I'll just wait, fight our country's wars and rigorously train.

I'll train to be the one that stays true to you,
Without a lie so let me just be close to you,
Give you lip, in my dreams, as I tell you that I chose you.

All I can tell you is that I'm falling,
free falling, for you a thousand miles away while I'm smiling,
As I wait for you, which is all I'm gonna be doing.


From the moment we met
it was your eyes
I could not forget.

I saw colors in your eyes
the colors an artist would use
to paint a canvas called skies.

In eyes that seemed blue
I found the colors of rain
and a summers morning dew.

Silver shades of gray
mixed in the blue with splashes of gold,
how could I ever forget you.

The Bible, Words of God, Words and works of Man


I have knelt before Popes

Have had my words changed by the hands of man

Was translated by Martin Luther

95 theses

Have been incorporated into beautiful poems and verse

John Milton and Dante Alighieri

Have had Kings scorn, torture and execute me

The son of Man died but has risen



Biblical Translations


Historical lies

Abuse of power so Churches could rise

Tears of true Christians and Children of God

I was changed and rearranged for reasons of money and power


Since day one when I spoke truth they have tried every tactic to restrain

Tried to be shut up and shut down from humans and devil

I threw ink upon the wall

The truth no human or devil shall ever kill

Only try to stop and stall

In the very end the truth will rise up and stand tall

Written by Joshua James Schurhamer

October 23, 2014

With hope for Christianity of all denominations to come together

Hope for all people of every God, Faith and Belief to unite…even though it may seem impossible

From Atheist to Zoroastrian

Still Hope


I realize there is a long list of numerous humans other then Martin Luther who have written various works relating to The Bible, God and Christianity as a whole

Kind Stranger of the Night

Miss Beautiful Stanger I met in the night

You seem so sweet and kind, offering you’re help

Normally I would not decline,

I’m new here

I find you breathtaking and more then fine

My passions are writing, music and arts of all kinds

I don’t know you but I would like to

So naturally intoxicating is you’re breath taking view

I have no idea if you’re single or anything about you so I will keep this poem brief

Your striking complexion and eyes burn bright like beautiful October nights

Thank you for being so polite

Written by: Joshua James Schurhamer

(for Kind Stranger of the Night)


October 12, 2014

A Gate

With her winter walked, its long flake down
around her heaving, not so much as to hinder
her step, or make her one to leaving, though
enough to find her deliberate where she was,
while dusk, like a tired truth, crept.

Already she could taste maple in the chimneys,
distant as they seemed. She thought of home,
her worn slippers testing hardwoods, and her
fires soft tantrum.

She arrived at an iron gate serving nothing
beyond it, and having no design to say what
was in or what was out, only left to swing
by its own accord, and could not for the fat
of its snow see its age.

There was a path that was not a path at all,
only beyond the gate a wood that long ago
made eager crossing its boughs.

Her home was well beyond the hills,
the thought of night was daunting,
and she would save this way for spring,
and spend the winter wanting.

The Porch

The porch light glows in the crescent hour
As dusk descends and the crickets whine,
Two lovers rock upon the swing
And thoughts engage as the day unwinds.
She finds a comfort in the words--
To laugh aloud and reminisce,
To talk and share in the failing light
Is but a prelude to a kiss.

The Bridgerise

I stand where ‘neath the waters fold,
upon a bridge-rise, softly bent,
that brings the forest to a pass-
to grant my morning better spent,

I look to arches - lilies toil,
dipped tenderly to drink beside
the moss-peat, sprinkling every stone,
if by some secret, should they hide,

And sycamores on breezes sway,
to ripples - do their remnants fall,
like memories, bound to reflect
the constant beauty of it all,

I sigh, as still her image plays,
upon the bridge-rise, do I see,
our names carved on the wooden rail,
to dance upon my memory.


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